Speak Fluent German with Confidence

Communicate at work with ease and grow in your job

Learn to speak German with confidence
Naturally understand Germans
Increase people’s trust in your competence as a professional
Find friends in Germany

This is How it Feels:


You are not scared of making mistakes or of not being understood

Impression of Being a Competent Professional

Companies, colleagues and customers have much more trust in you and your competence

Higher Quality of Life

It is much easier for you to make friends and you get to know much more about the real "local" life


You naturally understand when natives speak and are able to easily interact with them
German Learner

What our students have to say?

Speaking German Confidently

Ravi Saini | Engineer

To perform well Ravi needs to understand complicated lectures and presentations in German, as well as be able to give such presentations himself. In the coaching we concentrated on improving different aspects in Ravi’s language, like pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, as well as general fluency.

“I had an awesome experience of learning German with DeutschCoaching. I am amazed how much I have improved in speaking and reading. Now i can say almost everything in German. Markus is a very nice guy, he structures the classes so that there's a good mix of learning and practicing grammar as well as plenty of opportunity to practice conversational German. He has a different style of teaching. His methods make German language practically and grammatically very easy to learn.
I would highly recommend.”

Being a Trusted Professional in Germany

Alok Garg | Doctor

In his job Alok provides services to German native speakers, so smooth communication is critically important. In the coaching we identified important aspects in Alok’s speaking style and improved his pronunciation to make his communication with his patients even smoother and increase the trust in his abilities as a professional.

“I have been learning German since 6 years and Markus helped me polish my language a bit more. The course gives extra attention on colloquial ways of saying stuff and also different accents. Live sessions with Markus helped me check my progress and also identify problem areas in my speaking. Highly recommend to beginners as well as advanced speakers of the language.”

How Can We Support You?

Strategy for your specific Goals and Challenges

We develop a German learning strategy, that takes your specific situation, goals and challenges into account. So that you easily learn what is relevant for you and are motivated.

Direct Feedback and immediate correction

During our sessions you get immediate feedback on topics like pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and style. So that your German improves quickly and easily.

Learning German with Context

We always learn with context, to make the learning fun, make the information easily memorable and mold the different aspects of the language into a complete skill set. In the process we learn about important aspects of living and working in Germany, which will improve success at work and life in Germany in general.

This is how you can work with us

If you finally want to reach fluency in German, you are not alone. We would love to support you in reaching your goals. If you would like that, you can Get in touch with us here:
Free consultation

01 Find a slot

Find a slot for your free German fluency consultation.

02 Preparation Call

In a short conversation we will have a closer look at your
specific situation.

03 Your strategy for German fluency

Our experts work out your individual German fluency-strategy together with you. You decide whether you would like to Implement the strategy on your own or with our support.

About Markus Rau

With his own past experiences of living in India and learning the local language, he knows the challenges of working in a foreign country and makes it easy for our clients to adjust to Germany as their new home. 

As department head in the corporate sector he has a profound understanding of communication requirements in practical professional settings.

With these he accelerates your growth and language skills on all levels.

The Best Tips for Learning German

How do I speak German more confidently?
How do I understand Germans better?
How do I remove my accent?
How do I make fewer mistakes?
Or in short: How can I speak German fluently and with confidence?
You can find answers to these and more questions on our YouTube channel Indo-German Guide. Click the button to watch it.

Your situation is special?

Then it makes even more sense to have an individual conversation! We will find out together, whether you, too, can learn to speak German fluently and with confidence.
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